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Welcome to White Oak Baskets

Handmade by
Bobby and Mik Edwards

Basket Making Workshops

May 3 & 4, 2014
Saturday & Sunday 8AM - 4PM
$100 per person
Lunch provided both days
Call 931-863-3827 or 931-337-5662 for more information
The class will be held at our home in Jamestown, TN

Preserving a Fading Art

White Oak Baskets are hand crafted by Bobby and Mik Edwards in Fentress County Tennessee. The process begins by cutting down the tree. Many hours of work go into splitting and scraping the wood before the shape of the basket is ready to be formed. The final step is weaving the basket. The result is a work of art that is both decorative and functional.

The need for baskets as containers developed long before paper bags, plastic or tin. In the Appalachian region, white oak was used as a material to make strong and long lasting baskets. People in the Appalachian region made baskets to use on their farms and homes. The baskets were often named for the functions for which they were used. The most common ones were the egg basket, berry basket and cotton basket. These baskets were needed for everyday use and often were passed from one generation to the next.

White oak baskets represent part of our past which is being preserved. Today we no longer depend on baskets due to the use of plastic and other materials. As the need for white oak baskets passed, the skill and knowledge to make these baskets began to disappear quickly. The white oak baskets today are collected as folk art with no intention of being used. However, they are functional as well as decorative.


Craft Shows and Workshops

Bobby and Mik participate in a variety of craft shows in Tennesse and the southern region of the US. Contact them to see when they will be exhibiting their baskets and demonstrating their craft.

Bobby teaches classes and workshops at the Appalachian Center for Crafts and other arts and craft centers as well as from their home. Contact him for more information on learning the traditional craft of basket making.